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November 2014 - The Beauty Fairy

November 2014 archive

Why hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding?

STRICTLYWith the expense of weddings already being so high, sometimes people find it hard to justify spending a little bit extra on a professional makeup artist. However, keep in mind that, as the Bride, this is your day and all eyes are on you. As the focal point of the day, you want to show up looking more amazing than you ever have, and a professional makeup artist can help you achieve that.

So why hire a professional makeup artist? Here are a few key reasons that spending that extra money will be beneficial for you in the long run….

1- A professional makeup artist knows techniques and tricks to highlight your best features, keeping the focus where you want it, whether that be your eyes, your cheekbones, your lips or your flawless skin.

2- A professional makeup artist will keep your look classic and elegant. Creating this timeless look can be challenging, but a good makeup artist will be able to find what suits your style and give you the look you have always dreamed.

3- A Makeup Artist will apply your makeup in a way that looks good in both indoor and outdoor lighting.

4- A professional makeup artist will know how to fix your brows to best frame your eyes and cover that last minute pimple.

5- A professional makeup artist knows how to perfectly match makeup to your skin tone and blend it without unflattering lines.

6- A professional makeup artist always keeps makeup kits stocked with high end product lines that ensures long lasting coverage to keep you looking your absolute best all day.

7- A professional makeup artist knows how to properly apply and blend false lashes when your natural ones just won’t cut it.

How will this affect your photography? A professional camera, like the one your photographer will be using, picks up 250 times more detail than the human eye.  Thus, the camera will pick up every detail in your skin. If your makeup has not been done just right, you could end up with that “caked on” look that no bride wants. You have spent a significant sum of money on your photographer, and the entire wedding for that matter, and want to make the most of that investment, especially since these photographs will last a lifetime and will eventually be shown to your children and grandchildren.

So before you decide to save a little money and “wing it” with your wedding make up, consider these seven points. We want you to look as amazing on your wedding day as you do!